The Premier League kicks off tomorrow and Pocket-lint has, after requests from some of our readers, put together a Fantasy Football league for all of you to join.

We've chosen the official Fantasy Premier League 2010/11 to house it as, a) it's one of the best out there, b) it's totally free to sign up to, and c) it allows the league to have its own forum for taunts, boasts and commiserations. Just sign up, create your team, and join our league - code: 1428600-284986 (to be entered under "Manage Leagues", "Create/Join", "Join a Private League".

You can also get friends and family to sign up too, we'll accept all comers.

Plus, not only will the winner at the end of the current season gain the honour, respect and jealous stares of fellow Linters and the Pocket-lint team (who are also playing), we'll give the manager of the team at the top of our league's summit the team shirt of their choice (as long as it's available from general retailers and/or the club's own shop).

There may also be prizes at the end of each month for the current leader at that time.

So, don't delay, join today (after all, although you can join at any time, you'll miss out on the points for this weekend).

And leave your vuvuzelas at the door.