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(Pocket-lint) - Mozilla has launched the latest beta release for Firefox 4, with the main update coming by the way of multi-touch support within the browser whilst using Windows 7.

The update means that web site developers can now design new ways of using the web. Multi-touch is common place within mobile apps, and certain touch-screen native programs, but the move could bring a multi-touch experience to the web.

The multi-touch functions use the CSS3 and HTML 5 coding to let you zoom, move and interact with the web in a totally new way. New on the web at least, you would have played with plenty of apps capable of these features already.

As well as the multi-touch updates the latest beta also includes support for 10 extra languages, taking the total to more than 30 and there are also new JavaScript values "to experience faster and smoother graphics".

So far the Firefox beta testing program has seen half a million testers downloading the releases with a source telling Pocket-lint "the Feedback tool has been a great success with testers submitting approximately 3,500 pieces of feedback every day".

To get hold of the latest beta release just head over to Mozilla.com and download a copy. It's available now.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.