The founder of Twitpic has announced that he is launching a new website called Heello, that promises to "make communication easier", whilst failing to actually communicate what it will exactly offer itself.

Noah Everett, who, according to reports, has already turned down seven-figure offers for Twitpic, has launched Heello with very little information about what the site or service will do - other than outlining what he believes will be the three main facets of the new offering.

"The first is our main set of products that we will be launching soon. Many of these products were conceived to solve issues I encountered while running Twitpic".

"The second is the internal tools and systems we are building to run Heello, which includes everything from our customer support/human resource tools to our technology platform. We hope to offer these tools and platforms to help you run your own business as well".

"The third is a non-profit wing of Heello where we want to give back to the community and to the world".

Aside from saying that Heelo isn't a company that is launching to be sold, this is all the information that's been detailed so far - with both Mashable and TechCrunch (sites that cover social news in great detail) being turned away after asking for more information.

What could the new site offer and how could it help us communicate in the future? Questions we are sure will be answered in the coming months. Hopefully the end result will match up to the hype the fledging site is already starting to create.

What do you think the new service could be? Let us know in the comments below.