Remember Micro Machines, the series of video games for consoles such as the Sega Mega Drive? Well, while Reckless Racing isn't it, it will bring those memories flooding back.

You See, Micro, erm we mean Reckless Racing, isn't about table top racing with small toy cars, it's about top down racing with small - not toy - cars. Er. Ahem.

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As you might have gathered by now the game involves using your finger to guide a little car around a range of courses, racing against other players or the computer to become crowned king of laps.

In total there are six cars with different drivers and characteristics that you can try and master, and different steering modes ranging from virtual control buttons to tilting the pad with the throttle set to auto-accelerate.

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You can then take those six cars and play them in three game modes: Dirt Rally, Hot Lap and Delivery, as well as the multiplayer options over LAN and Internet.

The modes pretty much do what they say on the tin with the Delivery one doing its best to replicate Crazy Taxi from Sega, as you race against the clock to get to the next checkpoint.

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As with all EA Mobile games there are online leaderboards and downloadable ghost cars, and the gProper 3D physics engine makes you feel each bump in the road.

Reckless Racing for the iPad is expected out in the next couple of weeks and certainly before the end of August.