He's supposedly been tweeting about it for months, but chief technology officer, and Best Buy Geek Squad founder, Robert Stephens' latest tweets have finally hit the big time.

The CTO of America's largest electronics retail chain has spilled the beans on a new tablet device Best Buy is working on - an internet tablet to take on the iPad.

The tweet that spilled those all important beans related to two twitpic photos of an internet tablet branded with the company's Rocketfish logo.

However, perhaps needing to quell the rumour mill or explain things a little more Stephens later added further messages via Twitter:

"It's just a form factor photo. Not guts inside, but coming soon".

Before going on to say:

"I've been tweeting photos of tablet for months. So much for the realtime web. No one should be surprised. Who do you think makes Insignia?"

Insignia, is the company's own brand of discount electronic equipment, including HDTVs, blu-ray players, home theatre systems, digital imaging, and GPS, suggesting any internet tablet launched by the company could be aimed at offering a cheaper alternative to Apple's iPad.

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