Nohands, a nifty little idea from a UK company, is basically a keyring which includes some sticky polymer that lets you stick your small gadgets and phones onto the wall.

The handmade sticky core is kept in a hand finished case that fits nicely on your keyring. It's handy for simply hanging up your keys, but you can also totally remove the polymer and stick your phone to the wall - useful if you want to watch a bit of iPlayer or do some hands free browsing.

When the stickiness starts to run out you simply have to give it a wash in warm soapy water and let it dry. It is then fully "recharged".

Pocket-lint tested it out with our keys, an iPhone and a bulkier Nokia phone. It held all three of these with no problems. We tried to hang our iPad as well, but it would only hold for a few seconds before falling down. But it's not really designed for anything as big as the Apple tablet.

Its makers describe it as a "sandwich of sticky joy". It's certainly a bit of fun, which also comes in pretty useful.

Nohands is available in three colours - lime green, hot pink or royal blue and will cost you £11.50. Order one direct from Nohands. Is it too early to mutter the words, "stocking filler"?