Cloudmark, who specialises in Spam email protection, has revealed the key findings from a global survey it carried out in relation to online spamming - and the results show that here in the UK, spam is an ever increasing nuisance.

The report highlighted that 44 per cent of people believed that they were receiving more spam email than they did a year ago.

The worrying aspect of the findings were 44 per cent of people found it difficult to distinguish between spam email and genuine messages, and that more than a third of UK respondents (38 per cent) actually responded to mail that turned out to be spam.

And it isn't just email where spammers are targeting their material - social networks are becoming more and more spamified. A third of respondents to Cloudmark's survey said they had received spam material on Facebook, Twitter and the like, although Twitter did report back in March that it was significantly reducing spam.

There are a few golden rules when it comes to deciphering what is and what is not spam. Firstly if the subject mentions Viagra - it is definitely spam. Secondly, if the subject says "not junk", "not spam" and so forth - it is definitely spam. And thirdly, if the email originates from Nigeria and has an offer of tens of thousands of pounds to help out a millionaire in need - it is definitely spam.

Except if the email is from Prince Joseph Yokon, who is going to forward Pocket-lint a cool £100,000 just as soon as he receives our bank account details, and all for just lending him £100 for his UK visa. What a guy.

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