We've seen some neat coffee tables in our time. And whilst the Float isn't as retro-tastic as David Maloney's design, or as hi-tech as the Amusity, it is still pretty darn cool.

The Float was designed by RockPaperRobot - a Brooklyn based company.

Now, we're not suggesting that you're daft enough to think that these 64 individual cubes are actually floating, but you have to admit that they create the illusion with great aplomb.

The cubes are actually held together with wire, but that's not how the Float gets its support. The main strength of the table comes from magnets within the cubes with their force used to hold the blocks in place.

float coffee table magnetic magic image 2

So, it's a pretty cool table that's full of magnets. Therefore, don't go putting your iPad or laptop on it. That wouldn't end well.

And whatever you do, don't spill your coffee on there - it looks as if it would be a right bugger to clean.