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(Pocket-lint) - In our App of the Day yesterday, we waxed lyrical about Flipboard - the personalised social media based iPad magazine. We may have even muttered the words "one of the best iPad apps that has surfaced so far".

Well, it seems like it wasn't just us who went nuts for Flipboard on its launch day. It looks as if the love was pretty universal. Too universal in fact, as the app is now suffering from over capacity issues.

Flipboard's official rep Troy explains:

flipboard too popular for its own good image 2

So, in order to combat the problem Flipboard has submitted a revised app to Apple (and is now just waiting for approval) with a new invitation system integrated into it.

If you've already got the app up and running with your Twitter and Facebook accounts all loaded, your social feeds should still be in place - so don't panic.

Troy explains:

1) If you have Flipboard already installed, update to version 1.0.1.
2) If you have not already created a Facebook or Twitter section, you will be presented with a dialogue prompting you for an email address.
3) Enter your email, and we will notify you when you can freely add your Twitter and Facebook sections.
4) When you receive the "all clear" email from us, open Flipboard, and you will be able to add your Twitter and Facebook sections.

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The best way to keep updated with all things Flipboard is via its Twitter feed, which is being updated regularly.

It's a shame that Flipboard is experiencing issues, but hopefully they are just teething problems for what is a very new service.

The message boards over on the site where Flipboard's Troy made the announcement contain some pretty harsh criticism, but we think this is a bit unfair considering that the app is only a day old and its users have paid diddly-squat for the pleasure of using it.

If you missed it originally, check out our Flipboard review on App of The Day.

Have you used Flipboard yet? Do you love it as much as we do? And, most importantly - have you managed to get your Twitter and Facebook accounts loaded up? Give us your Flipboard thoughts below.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.