MOG, the US-based music streaming service, has launched its mobile apps range meaning that iOS and Android users can now take their MOG music with them on the go.

MOG is similar to Spotify in that it offers a premium deal for $9.99 per month, which you will need to access songs on your mobile device, with unlimited streaming and downloads from a base of 8 million songs.

Well, technically you don't get unlimited downloads with Spotify Premium - just 3333 tracks - and it costs more at £9.99 per month but you can see the similarities.

The new MOG apps also have social features, like Spotify meaning you can share your tunes with your friends and see what other 'Moggers' are listening to.

Other features include integration with the desktop Mog software (which is web based) so you can set up playlists, and there's also a radio feature that's a bit like, where you can choose to hear random songs by one artist or introduce similar tunes. You control the flow of the radio using a slider on screen.

The quality of the downloads are set initially to a paltry 64kbps, but you can up this to 320kbps and there are no ads on the service.

Sign up for a free 3-day trial to see if it's for you, although if you're in the UK fuggedaboutit - even with a US iTunes account you still can't get access. (Without masking your IP address at least).

How do you guys get your music fix? Bought MP3s? Streaming on Spotify? CDs? Or any other way? Fill us in using the comments below.