Virgin plans to expand its empire into the consumer magazine industry with the launch of a new tech, film and design magazine called Maverick.

The publication is set to be led by Richard Branson's daughter, 28-year-old Holly Branson, who will have former FHM, Zoo and Arena editor Anthony Noguera on board for the launch.

The first issue is due out in October and will be available on the iPad.

There's not many details at present, but reports suggest that there will be a "substantial" marketing campaign before Maverick goes live - so expect to read more about it in the next couple of months.

Virgin had previously outsourced all of its consumer magazine publications, including the Electric! title that acts as a promotional publication for Virgin Media and is published by Redwood.

It is thought that, as well as Noguera's AI publishing unit, Seven Squared - the London based customer engagement agency - is also on board for the Maverick title.

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