After unveiling pics that every Liverpool FC fan has hoped to see, the club's official website scored its biggest ever day.

Several pics of Fernando Torres holding the World Cup and draped in a Liverpool scarf were posted on the site, maybe deflecting rumours that he would be sold to Chelsea or Manchester City this summer. They were snaps that gave fuel to all LFC supporters' dreams that he would spurn all advances and stay at the club, and therefore saw record a massive 2,928,113 page views in just 24 hours. 203,753 clicks were generated by that posting alone.

The webmasters of the site stated: "We'd like to thank all fans who visited the website yesterday for continuing to make one of the most visited football sites on the internet".

Now, it's up to to show pics of Cesc Fabregas with a Gunners nodding dog in the back of his Bentley...