Yahoo is asking "the world" to interview David Beckham by submitting questions that the former England captain, and now Yahoo's Global Sports Ambassador, will answer during a live event on 14 July.

You can submit your questions for Golden Balls in advance of the event, or, on the day, you can use Yahoo Mail, Beckham's Facebook page, the Yahoo World Cup Facebook page or Twitter to submit questions in real time.

The interview is open to fans from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, India and Dubai, and Beckham said:

“It’s always great interacting with fans, but I’ve never been part of an interview quite like this - being able to take questions direct from people in 20 different countries across five continents. It’s definitely a first for me”.

The interview is due to last 90 minutes, although it has been a while since Becks managed to perform for that long. It will be streamed live on Yahoo using Cisco’s TelePresence high definition video suite.

These are the questions Pocket-lint wants to see Beckham answer:

- Why were the England team so very poor at the World Cup?

- Did JT and Stevie G really engage in some fisticuffs?

- What exactly were you doing in South Africa Becks, apart from pouting when the camera was on you?

- Do you still wear Posh's knickers?

- What do you think about the situation in the Middle-East - will Binyamin Netanyahu's visit to the White House solve the problems in Gaza?

We've submitted the questions, so expect to see them answered on 14 July at 2.30pm UK time on Yahoo.