Remember earlier this month we told you all about HP's launch of its ePrint range - the printers that will print from any device that you can send an email from? Well, now hard-drive based cloud service Pogoplug has got in on the email printing game by adding a feature whereby you can plug in any post-2005 HP or Epson printer and print remotely.

The service works along the same lines as the HP ePrint range. You simply email what you want to be printed to a dedicated email address for your Pogoplug and, as long as it's switched on and also connected to your Pogoplug, it will print. That means printing from not only your laptop, but also your phone, tablet or any other email capable device.

“Pogoplug’s vision is to free the modern digital lifestyle from dependence on an always-on home or office computer”, said Daniel Putterman, CEO and co-founder of Cloud Engines, Inc.  

“First we changed the way people think about personal storage by making every hard drive accessible over the Internet. Now we're web-enabling printers”.

Pogoplug's printing option will be coming our way by the end of the summer and it's free for all Pogoplug users.