Cloud based music services are all set to become a big deal in the next few months. Apple has bought Lala and we're all expecting an iTunes cloud service announcement and Google outlined its ideas at its I/O conference.

One service that is already off of the ground is mSpot. mSpot will let you store up to 2GB of music in the cloud for free and you'll be able to access and play these songs from any other PC via the Firefox, IE, Safari or Chrome.

Android (2.1+) users can also download a mSpot app for their handset and access their music on the go. It reportedly works well on both 3G and the EDGE as well.

There are premium options available ($2.99 to $13.99) to increase the size of your cloud as well.

Take a look at the little promo video below, and, if you like what you see, head over to the website to sign up.