Tesco's ambition to stick its fingers into as many pies as possible continues, as news comes out that it will be launching a "Digital Locker" for users to store digital content.

The new service will allow customers to buy a music CD or DVD in store or online, whereby the title will automatically be transferred to their Digital Locker to be utilised on a variety of devices.

Clearly a rival to iTunes (with a cloud storage twist), the news, according to TechRadar, came out from the Futuresource Entertainment Summit in London. At the event CEO of Blueprint Digital, Richard Bron, stated that his team would be working with Tesco on the project.

Talking about how the Digital Locker would work, Bron continued:

"Those devices would need to be registered, so that the device can be authenticated by a clearing house to prove that it is that person, and is content they own. The content could then be either streamed or downloaded to that device, whenever or wherever they are".

The service will run in connection with Tesco's Clubcard loyalty scheme, from which Tesco has managed to collect huge amounts of customer data and allowing the company to plan for a quick launch of the service; the Blueprint Digital CEO suggesting that Digital Locker could launch in October this year.

We'll keep you posted on updates when we get them, and let us know how you think this service might impact on iTunes.