Cisco Systems has predicted that by 2014 the amount of web traffic is set to quadruple - mainly due to the huge amount of data that is needed to fuel our ever amplifying love for video on demand.

Cisco's report states that they'll be an astronomical 767 Exabytes, that's 767 billion Gigabytes, of data transferred online, and that 91 per cent of this traffic will be down to video - both on the PC and via TV based VoD services like Google TV.

internet traffic to quadruple inside 5 years image 2

The report highlights just how incredibly incessant our demand for video is becoming given the extra choices that are available to us now. Services like the iPlayer and Hulu in the States have been huge successes, but have put a heavy strain on the ISPs, who have had quite a moan about it in the past.

As VoD grows, as this report predicts, expect to see more and more services like the Sky Anytime Plus crop up as content providers also play ISPs in order to get all their customers under one banner.

Are you on board the good ship VoD? What services do you use currently and how do you see yourself consuming video by 2014? Let us know.