A new online gaming/gambling website aimed at the Asian community has launched as part of the Jackpotjoy partner network. Called Bollybingo.com, it marries paid gaming with Bollywood, and features trailers and soundtracks from India's massive movie market.

"We’re delighted to be launching what we believe will be a unique opportunity for the Asian market”, explains Barry McGovern, managing director of BollyBingo.com.

"[The site] marries gaming opportunities with the latest film trailers and music from Bollywood, to provide a dynamic new opportunity for having fun, making new friends and winning exciting prizes. We look forward to presenting the first major winner with their cheque!”

Obviously, online gaming sites have been around for some time, and the UK industry is believed to be worth £869 million, so it stands to reason that a themed website for a minority community could be deemed worthwhile. And, certainly, offering video and music clips will enhance the experience. But it will be interesting to see if the Asian Muslim community, with its strong anti-gambling laws, will visit.