The Cloud has announced that it is upgrading its public Wi-Fi network so as its users will be able to get a minimum 8MB connection, with 16MB or 24MB available in some areas.

Great news if you're planning on watching the footie whilst you're out and about using the iPlayer app or services like TV Catchup. If you're an iPad or iPhone user on O2 then the chances are your plan allows access to The Cloud.

The Cloud's chief Steve Nicholson talked about The Cloud's advantage over 3G. He said: “More and more people want to send and receive photos, upload or download video clips, listen to music over the net or use the iPlayer to watch TV – realistically all these services are only available to large numbers of people over Wi-Fi".    

“Mobile Operators now accept that Wi-Fi adds tremendous value to their services  and quietly accept Wi-Fi is faster than a traditional mobile network. We hope the mobile operators move quickly to integrate our services and clearly that our and their customers receive a great mobile Internet service ahead of the World Cup”.

You don't need to do anything to experience the faster speeds that The Cloud is serving up, just sit back and enjoy quicker browsing and, hopefully, less buffering.