Were you expecting to receive daily Twitter updates from your favourite players during this summer's World Cup in South Africa? Well it's not looking likely, as England and Spain have reportedly already banned their players from social networking.

In terms of the England squad then this isn't really that big of a blow. The only player in Fabio Capello's initial 30 man squad who tweets is Sunderland striker Darren Bent. Bent has got naff all chance of actually going to South Africa though (sorry Darren) and he hasn't tweeted for a while anyway.

Twitter hasn't proved to be a happy hunting ground for footie players. Bent himself got into hot water when he criticised the Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy when he was a Spurs player and, more recently, Brazilian superstar Kaka had to apologise after his wife's critical tweets regarding his Real Madrid boss Manuel Pellegrini.

There are still a few football players who might be tweeting during the World Cup though. Check out our guide to watching the World Cup on your mobile which lists some of them.