Storage is becoming a serious issue in the digital age. Sure, it's great that all of your photos, media and important documents are now all in digital form but it's important that you take the necessary steps to keep all of your important files safe.

Online backup sites like Dropbox and CrashPlan are great because they float all of your files up to the cloud so if something disastrous was to happen to your PC, you wouldn't have lost all of your stuff.

But what if you don't trust the cloud and you want something physical to store your digital possessions? Something tough and something that would be hard for others to hack into? If that's the case then look no further than the LaCie Rugged Safe.

LaCie has made a name for itself in the data storage market and its latest HDD doesn't disappoint. It's government safe. You don't trust the government? Then how about military safe? Yeah, thought so.

The Rugged Safe comes with either 500GB or 1TB of disk space and features unbreakable government-grade 128-bit AES hardware encryption, which according to its makers "is the safest biometric authentication technology". It's also got a military-grade shock-proof enclosure.

It is powered through USB or FireWire, so there's no need for an extra power cable and it's plug & play so, once configured, it will grant you access to your data on any computer you want after a single finger swipe.

The LaCie safe is compatible with either a Mac or PC and is available from LaCie directly from £169. If you're worried about your digital files then this HDD may just put your mind at rest.