London Mayor, and footballing genius, Boris Johnson has pledged to make London the technology capital of the world, with Wi-Fi hotspots on "Every lamp post and every bus stop".

Speaking at the Google Zeitgeist event in Hertfordshire, he said that the capital should be totally covered by Wi-Fi hotspots before the 2012 Olympics begin on July 27.

Johnson said: "Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the internet, was born in London, so we claim paternity of the internet. London is the home of technological innovation. We in City Hall are doing our best to keep up, and one of our most important projects is called Wi-Fi London."

The lamp post and bus stop statement wasn't just your usual irrational Johnson quip either, the plan really is to use the existing electrics already in place to power Wi-Fi hotspots. 22 of the 32 London boroughs have already signed up to the plan, although there's been no comment on whether these hotspots will be free or not.

You can watch the full half-hour speech in the video below, although we feel must first inform you that the video contains flash photography and some seriously un-brushed hair.