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(Pocket-lint) - Adobe, fresh from its stinging attack from Apple supremo Steve Jobs, has now come under fire from Opera's Phillip Grønvold. Grønvold, speaking to Tech Radar said: "You can cook an egg on [devices] once you start running Flash on them".

Grønvold stated that the Internet currently has to rely on Flash and admitted that Opera has no choice but to use it, because of its dominance. He went on to say, though, that Flash was not on open web standard and indicated that it would continue to face heavy criticism if it didn't get involved in future open web standards.


He also berated Flash's efficiency, saying that it made "very little sense" in terms of CPU, battery and Wi-Fi usage.

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Yesterday, we told you how Adobe stated that it was making "the best tools in the world for HTML5", which is being developed as the next step forward for internet coding. Grønvold also told Tech Radar that HTML5 would be "immensely critical for the web". If Grønvold's prediction is right then Adobe must also be true to its word in terms of HTML 5, or it could be left behind.

It's not been the best couple of weeks for Adobe, although its snuggling up with Google at the Web 2.0 Expo would have, at least, provided some relief.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.