If you were too impatient to wait to get your hands on an iPad in the UK, and instead shipped one over from the States, then you're probably not the sort of person who is enjoying the wait until the UK's official 3G plans and micro-SIMs are released at the end of May.

Well it seems like you won't have to because a clever chap by the name of John Benson has published a step by step guide on how to create your very own micro-SIM. And the good news is that all you will need are some scissors, a sharp knife and a regular SIM.

We told you on Monday how some crafty Americans had done something similar with a US T-Mobile SIM, and it seems the hack is possible on this side of the pond as well.

A bit of careful cutting out is all that is needed, you might want to get a grown-up to help you with this.

John states that the electronic components of a SIM and a micro-SIM are identical, so once you've cut it to the right shape simply pop it in to the iPad's micro-SIM tray and put it in.

Fire your iPad up et voilà, you're ready for some 3G surfing.

If you're planning on doing this, make sure of two things. Firstly, that you're using a SIM that has a decent data plan attached to it - otherwise you could run up an expensive bill. And secondly, that you don't come crying to us if you manage to break your iPad. It would be your own fault for being too impatient.

PLEASE NOTE: Pocket-lint will be in no way held responsible for you hacking lumps off your SIM cards and/or fingers. And unless you have a mobile phone that can hold a SIM in place, irrespective of its shape or size, then it is likely this process will only work one way. Do check the entire process at John Benson's site before trying this out, and even then only do it if you're absolutely sure that, in the worst case scenario, you don't mind losing a SIM card or an appendage. Forewarned is forearmed, so they say.