Filesharing and backup service Dropbox has rolled out an Android app, along with a native iPad version of its iPhone application. It's also launched a mobile API, meaning that other apps are able to hook into the services that it offers.

The Android app includes download access to your files, as well as the ability to stream audio and video content directly from Dropbox's servers. It's very simple - download it from the market, put in your Dropbox email address and password, and up will pop all of the files you've got saved in the Dropbox on your computer.

The iPad app converts the iPhone app's functionality into an app that's native to the iPad's larger screen. Thankfully, the new mobile API means that you no longer have to sync files through iTunes to get them on your device - you can now save a file in an app that supports Dropbox functionality and the new version will pop up saved on all the devices you've got synced together.

The next challenge for Dropbox will be to get that functionality adopted into as many applications as it can, courting developers to integrate support for the service. In the meantime, you can install the app on your iPad, iPhone or Android device by searching in your respective app store. It's free, up to storage of 2GB.

Update: Dropbox is also promising a Blackberry app for "this summer". Stay tuned for more on that.