US company EMC Corporation has brought its Mozy backup service to the UK and Ireland. Offering two solutions, MozyHome and MozyPro, the firm caters for consumers and businesses, with different monthly subscription rates and features to suit.

Both services use military-grade encryption, similar to those adopted by international banks, to protect accounts and files, and they are each automated so that users don't have to remember to start the backup process each time.

MozyHome costs £4.99 per month for unlimited backup - it will store all files on a PC for that price, with no increase in cost no matter how much more storage is needed. Additionally, 2GB of storage is currently being offered for free for anyone who wants to try the service.

MozyPro is more business oriented, and is geared towards multi-user backup for small offices. It's available as a pay-as-you-go service costing £3.99 per computer on the network per month, with 50p extra per gigabyte stored. Server licences are also available at £6.99 per month, plus 50p per GB.

This kind of remote storage - cloud - solution is rapidly becoming more attractive as households store more and more of their photos, music and videos digitally, and the thought of losing all of that information due to hard drive failure becomes more unbearable by the day. Indeed, since Mozy launched, it has grown to service over 1 million customers and currently stores over 25 petabytes of information. Phew.