Freeware alternative browser Skyfire, which has been available on Symbian and Windows Mobile devices for just under a year, has issued version 2.0 on those platforms, and launched an Android client too.

The big feature is that it allows users to play back Flash video on the web, but it accomplishes that a little differently on Android. You need to bring up a toolbar (the "Skybar") at the top of the screen, and then pick the video you want to watch. It's then converted on SkyFire's servers to H.264, which can be played back in fullscreen on your handset.

Skyfire also allows you to explore various social networking sites, like Twitter, Digg and YouTube, for content similar to whatever you're currently looking for, and there's pinch zooming, tabbed browsing, automatic history dumping and the ability to switch user-agent on the fly without a browser restart.

It should be available on the Android market imminently.