After success in the Dutch market, Eminent has opted to bring its media player/streamer to the UK. The EM7080 hdMEDIA RT is capable of playing Full HD video content from an in-built hard drive or streamed via wired LAN. In addition, a wireless N USB adaptor, the company's EM4576, can be added for cable-free hook-up.

The player itself doesn't come with a HDD, that will have to be added separately, but can handle an internal drive up to 1.5TB. And if you need more storage space still, the two front-mounted USB 2.0 ports can accept external memory sticks and portable drives.

A multitude of filetypes are supported, streamed or played directly, including the HD formats MKV and x.264 popular with the filesharing community, and there's an inbuilt BitTorrent client for those who are inclined.

The EM7080 also supports Blu-ray ISO files, so you can back-up your BD discs - however, you'll soon find your 1.5TB filling up if you do. It costs around £125 and is available from For more information, visit Eminent here.