A new ISP that promises to protect your kids from some of the more unsightly areas of the Internet has launched in the UK with the help of the British Board of Film Classification.

The new service, called tibboh has teamed up with the BBFC to deliver age-appropriate content for children and teenagers. 

Parents will be able to enable age-appropriate access via a filtration system accredited by the BBFC, which has itself developed the policies for tibboh in line with the UK’s film and DVD classifications U, PG, 12, 15, 18.

The tibboh service, costing only £19.99 per month, is being launched with high-speed (3GB) mobile internet access and is the first and only broadband internet provider to be able to offer the CEOPS button on Facebook. 

The system, which has been available for over a year in schools, is now being made available to the general public and can be bought from Amazon or directly from tibboh’s own website (www.tibboh.co.uk).

tibboh’s technology works by assessing all requests for access to individual internet sites against the user’s age rating set by their parent, guardian or school and allowing the internet traffic from the website to download to the user if it meets their age classification. 

The technology is based on a suite of best in class solutions called Filter Safe Plus using web filtering and sophisticated hardware and bespoke software. tibboh says that it recognises that decisions to restrict or allow web traffic are not perfect, which is why all users at all ages have the opportunity to make suggestions for changes.

tibboh also says the mobile version of the service will run on all networks. It is currently available to buy over the Vodafone network and will soon be available on the Orange/T-Mobile network as well.