MP3 tag cleaning tool TuneUp has been available for iTunes for some time, but it's just launched a new version that also works with Windows Media Player.

If you have a big pile of poorly-tagged MP3s, but you don't want to spend the time sifting through individual files or install Apple's iTunes software, then you might find it useful - metadata is automatically filled in and album art is grabbed from the Web. There's a free version that only allows for 100 song clean-ups at a time, or an unlimited version that costs $30.

The software's also been given a few more updates - you can share individual tracks or a top 5 on Facebook and Twitter, as well as view music videos, artist bios, upcoming concerts for individual bands and other information that's available through a new portal site -

During our testing of TuneUp, we initially found the software rather on the slow side, but the following morning - after the buzz of new installs had died down - things were up to speed a little more. It coped okay with a few badly-tagged MP3s, but even the paid-for version recommends that you only drop 500 or so songs on the tagger at once.

If you'd like to try it for yourself, give the free Lite version a shot from the TuneUp website.