Seesmic has rolled out an update for its Android application that adds a bunch of new features - a homescreen widget, native retweets, and support for geotagging.

It's the first time that Seesmic's offered a homescreen widget for the Android OS. Once you've installed the update, you can add it by holding your finger down on the screen. It shows one tweet at a time, with arrows to browse your timeline, and a button to compose a new update yourself. The company promises further widget enhancements in later releases.

There's also the option now to use Twitter's native retweeting functionality to retweet people - rather than the old quoting method. If you prefer the old way, though, then that's still there. You can also add your location to any tweets you send out, or view any locations that others have attached to their messages.

Lastly, there's the usual stack of bug fixes and speed improvements. If you'd like to give it a try, then it's available in the Android App Market right now.