TalkTalk has taken the unusual step of buying up some real estate in London and turning it into what the company is calling a "Customer Experience Centre". In plain English, that translates to a free Wi-Fi equipped lounge that only customers have access to, equipped with hot and cold drinks, newspapers and sofas.

But that's just the first floor - there's a bit more than that. On the ground floor is a help and advice centre, staffed by what TalkTalk is calling "broadband experts", but probably just so happen to have had a few sales courses too. They'll tell you all about how the internet works in a "connected home".

What's interesting, though, is that the remaining floors in the building are being offered to technology and creative start-ups as office space. The first tenants will be moving in on 19 April.

Charles Dunstone, TalkTalk's chairman, told Pocket-lint: "It's the first time that TalkTalk customers have been able to meet with us face-to-face and learn more about how we can help their lives online. We've got some exciting plans including holding exclusive events for our customers tackling everything from Digital Inclusion to the World Cup".