Nick Clegg, buoyed by his success in the first of the three TV debates, has been making a few new promises to voters. One of them is that his party's going to be calling for a repeal of the Digital Economy Act (formerly the Digital Economy Bill) and its issues debated by a full parliament.

Clegg said, in a webchat with The Student Room: "We did our best to prevent the Digital Economy Bill being rushed through at the last moment. It badly needed more debate and amendment, and we are extremely worried that it will now lead to completely innocent people having their internet connections cut off. It was far too heavily weighted in favour of the big corporations and those who are worried about too much information becoming available. It badly needs to be repealed, and the issues revisited".

The bill has faced much criticism from the tech community, who have accused it of being weighted too heavily towards content companies. The Lib Dems flipped position several times on the bill, eventually taking the official position of opposing its passage, but less than a third of their MPs showed up and voted against it.

Is this Clegg fishing for votes on a subject that the party previously cared little for? Or is he responding to genuine voter concerns? Share your opinion on his new policy below.