Online shopping service Ocado has become the first online grocer to offer an Android 1.6+ application alongside an iPhone one. It allows shoppers to do their groceries from wherever they like - the bus, the sofa or the bed.

It also supports Android's voice search functionality, so you can just say what you're after, and all matching products will appear on the screen. It's all done on the phone - with the supermarket's 21,000-strong product range being synced to the handset so it can be accessed quickly if you're on a slow connection.

Ocado's iPhone app has proved rather successful, with nearly 5% of all Ocado orders in February 2010 being taken through the iPhone edition of its system - a total of about £15m in revenue per annum.

The company told Pocket-lint: "Our continual motivation is to make food shopping as quick and painless as possible for customers; we’re thrilled to now be doing this via an innovative Android app. Last summer we were the first UK supermarket on the iPhone, and going live on Android is the next step of a revolutionary journey to be available across several digital platforms".