The humble hard drive is slowly starting to be made obsolete. Prices for solid-state drives, which use flash memory rather than a spinning platter to store data, have begun to shrink down in price to a level that the average consumer can begin to afford.

But those price-shrunken models are still rather on the tiddly side. So it's good to see OCZ pushing at the boundaries of the SSD by announcing a new series of drives with capacities up to 1TB - equivalent to some of the larger traditional drives available today. There's only one problem. OCZ's 1TB SSD costs about 40 times as much as an HDD.

The Colossus LT carries a price tag of around $4000 (about £2,500). That'll put it out of range of all but the most hardcore performance enthusiasts. Still, it's entirely possible to build a PC around a cheap, small SSD boot drive and other drives for storage. Until the prices come down a little more, perhaps that's your best option.