Mobile phones should be fitted with greater controls to prevent children viewing pornography, Tanya Byron, the Government's internet safety advisor has said on Monday.

The comments, which come 2 years after the professor first started looking at internet safety in the UK.

The psychologist called on phone makers to fit filters into handsets so parents can make sure their kids are protected from inappropriate material.

Bryon is worried that kids can bypass operator safety measures by using Wi-Fi hotspots found in places like McDonalds and Starbucks as well as the home.

According to figures one in four 8-12 year-olds are signing up to social networking sites even though most block under 13s from entering.

Welcoming the proposals Children's Secretary Ed Balls said:

"More young people are now accessing the internet on their mobile phones and games consoles, and as parents we need to manage the way our children are using these technologies".