Accessing the Internet to read Pocket-lint is something that you probably take for granted, but just 10 years ago the experience would have been very different, very different indeed.

That's because 10 years ago broadband wasn't commercially available in the home, meaning you were resigned to using a 56K modem and accessing the Internet at blisteringly slow speeds.

Mark Bush having got fed up with his £300 a month dial-up connection bill became the first person in the UK to get broadband from NTL.

Today most of the country is on broadband with the government making it a political pledge and the Prime Minster even going as far as promising to give every home super-fast broadband by 2020.

Virgin Media is currently promising that its entire network will be available to get 100MB broadband by the end of 2011, while it is currently testing double that speed (200MB) for eventual roll out.

How fast is your connection speed and can you remember the days of dial-up? Let us know your memories in the comments below.