Web browser Opera has revealed a rather impressive ballot bounce. The company shared figures with Pocket-lint that show that it's received 85% more downloads than normal in Britain following the introduction of the EU browser ballot screen.

The offering up of a brand new version of the browser, with a dramatic visual overhaul, no doubt helped matters too. The statistics follow early results which suggested an increase, but those have now been quantified with an average jump of 130% across the whole of Europe, and figures as high as 328% in Poland.

The company also revealed what proportion of its downloads came directly from the ballot screen. The figure was 53% across the entirety of Europe, and went as low as 35% (in Hungary) and 77% (in Poland, again). The numbers were collected over 3 days between 12 and 14 March.

Hakon Wium Lie, Opera's CTO, told Pocket-lint: "This confirms that when users are given a real choice on how they choose the most important piece of software on their computer, the browser, they will try out alternatives. A multitude of browsers will make the Web more standardized and easier to browse".