Google has made a brief announcement on its mobile blog which reveals that its Gesture Search app is now compatible with Android 1.6 devices, including the HTC Magic and G1. It still won't, however, work on the HTC Hero, which runs 1.5.

The app, as previously reported, allows you to draw letters on your screen to search through your handset. It can scan your contacts, your installed apps, your bookmarks and your music, and intelligently works out if a glyph is close to another one, offering both of them up on the screen.

Google says: "Gesture Search is now available on devices with Android 1.6 and higher. Additionally, it can be downloaded in all countries where Android Market is available, although it continues to only recognise the English alphabet. The new version also includes some improvements to performance and bug fixes".

If you'd like to download it for your handset, head on over to the Android market, hit the search button, and type in "Gesture Search", then hit the download button. It's free and available now.