Facial hair. It's noble. It's manly. It's sexy. Chris Auyeung and Vijay Matthews know this to be true, which is why they've built an application for the iPhone that lets you slap a beard, moustache, tickler, pair of mutton chops, chinstrap, or any other facial hair you can imagine, on a picture of someone.

It's called BeardMe, and is a £1.20 download in the App Store. Within, you can import an image from the camera and then overlay a stunning Souvarov, Anchor, Balbo, Braided, Chaplin, Chevron, Chin curtain, Copstash or any other variant of beard on the unwilling recipient's visage. Try it on babies, Co-workers, even Pets.

"But!", we hear you cry, "I don't have an iPhone!" In that case, head on over to Stuffyerface with your webcam plugged in, download and print out the special augmented reality marker (or load it up on your phone) and enjoy a luxuriant tache, the likes of which will wow your friends.