TalkTalk has announced that over the next 4 months, all of its customers will be upgraded to a 24Mbps connection - meaning that they'll get pretty much the fastest web speeds that their phone line can support.

The company promises that there'll be no extra cost, and - notably - no need to extend or sign a new contract, if you're an existing customer. TalkTalk says that it's able to make the offer due to the £500 million that it's invested in its networks, including a £10-20 million project that'll see gigabit Ethernet fibre installed between exchanges.

TalkTalk's cheapest package now offers up to 24Mbps speeds, free UK evening and weekend landline calls, a wireless 802.11g router and a 40GB monthly download cap. There's also a Pro option that doesn't have a download cap, comes with an 802.11n router, and offers free anytime landline calls.

However, as with similar offers from BT recently, you'll want to be wary of download caps - our back of an envelope calculations show that you'll blaze through 40GB in just 3.7 hours if your connection's running at full speed. If you're even the slightest bit interested in watching TV online, using YouTube a lot or playing games, then opt for the company's £15-per-month offering.