CoPilot has announced an updated version of its iPhone application, which features a few improvements to the satnav experience. There's local search, updating of your Facebook, and adjustable music volume settings.

The local search uses your GPS location to find things near you. Just type in a box what you're after - a cashpoint, perhaps, or a petrol station - and it'll work out the nearest one to you and give you directions to get there.

The Facebook functionality lets you spam your friends by automatically updating your status based on where you are, where you're going, or what music you're listening to. It's possible to post updates automatically, but for the love of god don't do that. No-one cares that you're listening to Chesney Hawkes' "I Am The One And Only". Put it on manual and keep it on manual.

Lastly, CoPilot says that one of the biggest feature requests from users is the ability to mute or dim the volume of music when there's a voice instruction. So the company has done precisely that.

The updated app is available right now, and costs £27 for the UK & Ireland version, or £50 for all of Europe. Any existing customers can download the update for free.