A Panamanian company called ConnectInPrivate is taking advantage of its location to offer people concerned about the ramifications of the Digital Economy Bill the ability to surf in relative privacy using a VPN.

VPN services have taken off in some places - often countries which enact draconian web traffic monitoring laws. However, they haven't gained much steam in Britain. ConnectInPrivate hopes that the incoming Digital Economy Bill, which is currently working its way through Parliament, will stir up some interest.

There's two packages on offer - a consumer edition with VPN, Mobile VPN and a PC cleaner for £5 per month, and one that adds offshore email and SMS for £6 per month. The VPN servers are located in Canada, and the offshore email is hosted in Panama. Businesses can also grab web conferencing facilities for £25 per month.

The VPN functionality works on both wired and wireless networks, and it should work on any operating system. It's available now from the company's website.