A survey has recently been carried out asking people in the UK what they believe was the best invention of the Noughties.

Offersupermarket.co.uk, the company who conducted the survey in order to promote its launch, collected opinions from 1135 people, saying that:

"As the concept of our website is to offer consumers the top 10 best products available at any given time, which we research for the consumer, we thought it would be interesting to know what the buying public felt the top 10 products of the past decade were".

The top ten is as follows:

1.      Facebook – 73%
2.      iPhone – 62%
3.      Twitter – 58%
4.      The MP3 – 51%
5.      Satellite Navigation – 46%
6.      iPod – 43%
7.      YouTube – 39%
8.      HD TV – 30%
9.      GHD’s (hair straighteners) – 23%
10.    3D Films – 19%

The appearance of 3D films in the list seems like an odd inclusion as we're sure they've been around for a while, but no one can doubt the impact of Facebook - as to whether it should be in a "best" inventions list is another matter.

Another gripe we might have is that GHD's hair straighteners came so low down in the list, but at least they were there as opposed to something utterly pointless like the completed mapping of the human genome.