How do you keep up with the endless barrage of funny videos, pictures and links on Twitter and Facebook? Do you click them all to the detriment of your productivity? Do you ignore everything entirely? Media centre software Boxee is getting an app called Redux that lets you enjoy that content when you want.

The idea behind it is that you probably share some interests with your friends and contacts on Twitter and Facebook. The Redux app scans through your Facebook and Twitter feeds and gives you a stream of that content all in one go. Great if you're on a deadline but don't want to miss out on the meme that everyone's talking about.

Alternatively, if your friends are constantly posting last year's lolcats or still trying to Rickroll you, then you can tune into a number of different channels that aggregate all the links posted publicly and sort them into different categories - 90s music videos, movie scenes, etc. It's entirely passive, you just sit back and watch.

To enable it, you'll need a computer running the latest version of Boxee, ideally hooked up to your TV. Once installed, go to "applications" and then "app library". Search for Redux, and click "add to my apps". Then go to your apps directory, and hit start. Voila - the Web laid bare for you to enjoy.