A British company is to launch a new way for us to type using any Android powered mobile phone at Mobile World Congress.

Called Swiftkey, the technology created by Blackheath based Touchtype, will replace your Android keyboard and works out what words follow next before you type them so you don't have to type the whole word every time.

According to the creators, the tech accurately predicts around 40% of users' next words without any input, and around 70% with just a single character prompt.

Complete words are then presented to the user as likely candidates based on the context of the text above the keyboard for them to tap.

"We scan around 5 million words in the English language and then work out what you are likely to use next," Jon Reynolds, the CEO of the company told Pocket-lint. "It will even learn how you write to offer words more relevant to you."

The company plans to offer the app in the Android Marketplace after officially launching the app at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

"We've got big plans," said Reynolds before explaining that the ultimate goal was to allow companies like HTC to offer the technology pre-installed.