Odd. Opera just sent out a press release telling us that it's going to be demonstrating a version of Opera Mini running on the iPhone at Mobile World Congress between 15 and 17 February in Barcelona - which Pocket-lint will be attending and reporting live from.

That wouldn't be odd in itself, except that Opera has had a long-running spat with Apple, with the latter blocking the former from putting a browser on the handset, using the excuse that it duplicates functionality that Safari already offers. Has Cupertino suddenly had a change of heart?

Unlikely. More likely are one of two things. Either this is a publicity stunt for Opera on other devices, as Engadget suggests, or Opera's planning on taking the bickering to a whole new level by releasing a browser for jailbroken iPhones.

We'll find out soon enough, no doubt.

Update: Mr Rawlins in the comments suggests a third alternative - Opera could follow Google's lead in making a webframe that permits access to Flash and other content through Safari, delivered using Opera's "Turbo" technology. That's entirely possible, too.