The Superbowl is a launch pad for the biggest new adverts in the US and this year those tech and gaming giants with plenty of money were out in force.

Google who've famously said in the past that brand advertising was a waste of money, seemed to change its tack with an advert for its search engine entitled "Parisian Love" while Motorola pushed Hollywood "hottie" Megan Fox in the bath (above). a web hosting service in the US with money to burn did their usual trick of trying to entice viewers back to the Internet by watching the "un-rated" version online. The ad which hinted as a bit of girl-on-girl action was no doubt a hit considering the red-blooded American audience.

Other tech advertisers included FloTV, 

The actual result of the game? The Saints beat the Colts 31 - 17 however with so many adverts you might have forgotten what you were watching in the first place.







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