Music streaming service We7 has announced a couple of subscription packages for its web-based audio offering. There's a version that just removes the ads, and a version that also enables mobile phone access.

The ad-removing version is called We7 Premium. It will give access to We7's 4-million-strong catalogue with songs and albums accessed through your web browser. There's personal radio, playlist and sharing options too. It'll cost £5 per month, but We7 is undercutting the competition by offering it for £4 for the first 90 days. It'll be available from 1 February.

The mobile edition, which also removes ads from the main website, is called We7 Premium Plus. Initially there'll be apps available for the iPhone and for Android devices, but We7 promises a "range of other phones and devices scheduled during 2010".

Both apps will come with offline playback and the ability to play back playlists that you've saved on the web-based version of We7. Due to the massively increased costs of licensing to mobile devices that the music industry charges, the mobile version costs more - £10 per month. It'll be available when it's made its way through the App Store approvals process.

We7's CEO Steve Purdham told Pocket-lint: "The new premium services are about choice for the consumer. In the new digital music economy, there is no single business model that fits all - that is why we give consumers the ability to listen to great music how they want, where they want, and at a price they are prepared to pay".

We've asked We7 if we can have a go with the mobile applications, so we'll bring you a full rundown of its functionality and comparisons with the competition as soon as we're able to. Stay tuned.