Uptime monitoring service Pingdom has posted a fascinating insight into the Internet in 2009, breaking a year in the online world down into a plethora of statistics.

"Prepare for information overload, but in a good way", Pingdom says in a blog post about the data, said to be drawn from a wide variety of sources from around the Web.

There were 1.73 billion internet users around the globe in 2009 - up 18% on the previous year. Other highlights of the stats include the number of emails sent - 90 trillion with 100 million more email users than in 2008 with spam emails taking up an estimated 200 billion per day.

As far as websites go, Pingdom states there were 234 million as of December 2009 with over 80 million with .com domain names.

The info includes other such interesting data, such as the number of pics of Flickr (4 billion), the number of blogs online (126 million) and much more - head over to the post for the full run down.